Corn damaged field by derecho storm in IowaBetween record-breaking heat, wildfires, last summer’s historic derecho and extreme drought, U.S. farmers and ranchers have had no shortage of nature-related obstacles. The U.S. House Agriculture Committee introduced a Continuing Resolution Tuesday that identifies funding allocations for disaster-impacted producers, as well as the scope of what qualifies as a disaster. For many producers, natural disasters they have faced recently haven’t qualifed for assistance, including the never-before-seen excesssive heat in the Pacific Northwest. The Continuing Resolution, a largely bipartisan effort, would fund the government until Dec. 21 and contains many of the important provisions that the House Agriculture Committe has been working on for months. In addition helping producers, the CR would require recipients to purchase crop insurance or NAP coverage for the next two crop years. Read more on the Continuing Resolution here.