Bird flu totalities have aggressively spread over the last several weeks, now totaling more than 36 million losses. Currently, 11 new cases have been confirmed around the U.S. Locations include: three counties in Montana (2,230 backyard flock), three counties in Minnesota (10,000 commercial turkeys and 130 backyard flock), one Colorado county (1,100,000 commercial layers), one county in Alaska (30 backyard flock) one county in Oklahoma (13,800 commercial broiler breeders) and one Michigan county (20 backyard flock).

To date, 36.6 million birds have been affected by highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). Signs of the virus in poultry include decreased production and soft-shelled eggs, swelling or purple discoloration of the head, eyelids, comb or hocks, coughing, sneezing and diarrhea. USDA encourages anyone raising chickens to review their biosecurity activities to prevent the spread of the disease.

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