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Strong yields and record-high prices bring a positive year end to U.S. cotton growers. As of Oct. 24, cotton harvest was 35% complete and most of the crop rated good-to-excellent condition (64%). Why the high prices? Strong demand and low supply this past year contributed to a record 90 cents per pound, nearly 2% above the previous all-time high set in 2011-2012. Northern Mississippi and southern Arkansas growers reported better-than-average yields at 1,200 – 1,300 pounds of lint/acre. Other areas of the south and delta regions said yields have been “remarkably good”, though not without obstacles. Plenty of cotton acres experienced prolonged rains that stunted growth and insect pressure. Because of these concerns, USDA reduced 2021 cotton production by 3%. Some analysts are instructing their cotton growers to take advantage of the profit opportunities and sell up to 25% of their anticipated 2022 crop this fall. Read more on cotton production and markets.


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