University of Illinois and Ohio State University experts have released the anticipated break-even prices for 2022 corn and soybeans. Break-even price for corn is projected at $4.73 per bushel and soybeans at $11.06. Both values are noticeably high when looking at historic values. The higher amounts are largely due to increased production costs from inflation, supply disruptions and overall higher commodity prices. Fertilizers continue to dominate inflation, with many posting at 400% more expensive than prices seen in early 2020. Even while commodity prices remain higher than in recent years, the anticipated break-even prices present additional risk to growers.

For 2022, total costs for corn are projected at just over $1,000/acre (up $149 from 2021), with $755 going toward non-land costs and more than $300 in cash rent. This projected cost is $.73 more than the average total production cost from 2013 to 2021. For soybeans, total costs are projected at $785/acre, with $476 going to non-land costs and more than $300 in cash rent. The 2022 cost is $124/acre more expensive than 2021.

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