Kendall at NCIS 2022Amidst increasingly volatile markets, weather disasters and global factors such as pandemic fallout or trade tensions, farmers have no shortage of risk to combat each growing season. Crop insurance remains the number one risk-management tool for U.S. farmers and ranchers, according to the National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS). ProAg CEO and NCIS chair Kendall Jones said a record 461 million acres were protected with crop insurance last year and with more than $136.6 billion in liability covered for that food, fiber and fuel.

Jones presented her remarks at the 2022 Crop Insurance Industry Annual Convention in California this week, where she also discussed how the crop insurance industry is improving to meet the changing needs of agriculture. Praising the data-driven nature of crop insurance, Jones said the program is uniquely adept at helping farmers and ranchers adapt and respond to climate change. Jones highlighted the work the crop insurance industry has done in tandem with USDA to facilitate voluntary adoption of conservation practices and to champion more diversity and equity within agriculture.

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