Though the bulk of used combine sales is typically during summer, Successful Farming Executive Editor Dave Mowitz says January and February are prime times to kick tires on a late-model harvester. Mowitz says this is for three reasons:

1. As supplies continue to be tight, shortages will still plague producers throughout the summer months. Therefore, it is likely safer to start the purchasing process now than wait until supplies are likely tighter this summer.

2. Dealers took in a number of last year model combines after harvest. Mowitz says just short of 400 one-year-old harvesters were sitting in dealer lots, compared to 270 last winter. These combines will be in high demand after last year’s shortages, so now is the time to buy.

3. Dealers will be in a good mood to move combines this winter, especially those who have gotten used to not carrying substantial “floor plans” of used equipment and the interest payments that go along with that.

Mowitz says to cruise the internet to understand current asking prices for used equipment before negotiating with your dealer. Read more on used combine purchases and supplies here.