As calving season heats up across the chilly Northern Plains, the right technology can make a successful calving season easier. Here are three technologies to consider for future calving seasons:

1. A calving sensor. This technology attaches to the cow’s tail a few days before the due date and detects tail movements to anticipate when calves will drop. One sensor company — Moocall – claims it can reduce calf mortalities associated with difficult births by up to 50%.
2. Camera surveillance. A no-brainer to be able to check your herd from anywhere, a barn camera can help you react quickly when an issue arises. In fact, a South Dakota State University Extension specialist says a surveillance camera can save on labor during calving season.
3. A digital calving book. Record keeping is an often overlooked critical part of any cattle operation. Moving those records to a digital book can simplify and allow for more up-to-date record-keeping.

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