Before storing away the combine for good this season, a few small tips can make a difference for the health of your machine before the 2023 growing season.

Here are three ways to improve the health of your combine throughout winter:

1. Start your combine up and let it run while you walk around to inspect it. Better yet, use an infrared thermometer to see if any bearings are hotter than they should be.
2. Clean your machine. One of the most common start-up issues stems from mice damage. Cleaning your combine is critical to eliminating grain and dust that makes excellent rodent food. This is also a good time to cover up anything bare to reduce the risk of rust over the winter months.
3. Don’t delay maintenance just because it’s winter. Change your oil, clean your radiators, drain and change coolant and every other maintenance routine you can do will ensure you’re setting yourself up for success next fall.

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