With harvest nearly in the rearview for most U.S. farmers, fall nitrogen application takes the spotlight. Applying nitrogen in more favorable soil conditions in the fall can alleviate nitrogen needs in the spring. However, a University of Minnesota Extension nutrient specialist says fewer farmers are applying in the fall than in recent years. Why? Warmer weather tends to drive the decision-making process for many growers.

For those who prefer or are interested in applying nitrogen in the fall, here are four tips to get the most out of your fall application:

1. Use anhydrous ammonia with a nitrification inhibitor.
2. Apply fall nitrogen only where loss potential is low.
3. Apply at the right time, when soil temperatures at 4 inches below the surface are 50 degrees and getting colder.
4. Consider soil moisture levels at the time of application. Too wet or too dry means you can lose nitrogen.

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