While proper nutrition is certainly a priority item for every pig farmer, it remains a challenge to ensure every animal receives the right nutrition. Nutrition makes a big difference in how well a herd weathers disease challenges.

Here are five nutrition-related health conditions to watch for in your pig herd:

1. Mulberry heart, caused by low levels of Vitamin E or selenium that leads to sudden death in newly weaned pigs.
2. Twisted gut, or hemorrhagic bowel syndrome, can occur when a period of high feed intake comes after a period of reduced feed intake.
3. Scours can occur when pigs transition to different ingredients in a diet, leading to transitory looseness.
4. Mycotoxins can occur in cereal grains that have mold growth. Mycotoxins can lead to false heat, feed refusal and can include vomiting.
5. Water deprivation is a serious stressor and can occur without warning due to a broken pipe or well pump. Water deprivation can lead to sodium toxicosis and seizures.

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