View of field of cord seedlings in springWhile some farmers have started moving on planting season, most continue to await consistently warm temperatures before firing up the tractor. Consider these five yield-maximizing tips to bolster your bushels this growing season.

1. Plant by conditions, not dates. Soil temperatures are more important than a date on the calendar. Tracking rain outlook and daily temperatures can set your crop up for success from the get-go.
2. Scout each field once per week to understand crop progress on a field-by-field basis. Take detailed notes to give yourself a leg up on weeds, diseases and pests.
3. Pay special mind to corn acres this year. With more corn acres, expected corn concerns such as tar spot, corn rootworm and other pests and diseases will increase.
4. Layered residuals will be key to protecting soybeans. Using residual herbicides is the best strategy to keep weeds at bay.
5. Leverage your network. Maintain communication with your trusted advisers, agronomists and local co-op to continuously get meaningful advice and assistance. Knowing how other farmers are approaching problems in your area can help keep your operation competitive.

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