The biggest food holiday of the year is almost here. While Americans gather around the table this week to give thanks, the USDA reminds consumers to pay close attention to food safety. No Thanksgiving meal is complete unless it has been prepared in a clean and safe manner.

The USDA says these seven dangerous habits pose the most risk for Thanksgiving meal preparers:

  1. Not washing hands or surfaces before, during and after food prep.
  2. Using the same cutting boards and utensils for both raw and ready-to-eat foods.
  3. Defrosting the turkey on the counter instead of the refrigerator or cold-water method.
  4. Cooking your turkey overnight on a low temperature.
  5. Relying only on a pop-up temperature indicator.
  6. Stuffing the turkey the night before.
  7. Keeping leftovers for more than a week.

For more information on kitchen habits for food safety this Thanksgiving, read the USDA press release here.