Weed control is invariably one of the most significant yearly threats to yields. But U.S. farmers are nothing if not inventive. After Stine Seed unleashed the first Roundup Ready soybean variety, the weed control conversation has changed tremendously. Now, more than a decade later, weed resistance to glyphosate – Roundup’s active ingredient – has proved once again that weed control conversations are here to stay.

But alternative weed control methods are helping farmers battle yield-robbing weeds a little easier.

Here are eight weed control methods farmers can consider:

1. Harvest weed seed control products
2. Electrocution machines
3. Chaff lining
4. Weed seed burning
5. Burying weed seeds deep
6. Keep Waterfowl at bay.
7. Labor crews
8. Diverse approaches that leverage multiple strategies

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