Drought isn’t anything new for cattle producers. But if you’re just starting out or dealing with your driest year yet, consider these 9 tips from seasoned cattle ranchers:

  1. Plan early and with minimal expectations of rain.
  2. Don’t try to feed as normal. Decrease herd size to make feed go further.
  3. Choose your operation’s long-term health over your pride.
  4. Know your cattle inventory.
  5. Don’t be afraid to cull early.
  6. Think ahead; grow forage this year for grazing next year.
  7. Leverage stocker calves to maintain herd quality amidst culling.
  8. Act on your plan earlier than you think.
  9. Lengthen grazing cycles.

Weathering drought conditions comes with a financial, mental and emotional toll. Being prepared ahead of time can lessen the burden and bring more security to your operation.

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