Corn field at sunsetBoth corn and soybean production increased in 2021 according to a final production report released on Wednesday by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). Corn production increased 7%, or 15.1 billion bushels, over 2020’s production. Corn yield is estimated at a record high 177 bushels/acre, above 2020’s 171.4. Meanwhile, area harvested for grain increased by 85.4 million acres, or 4% more than 2020.

On the soybean side, production increased 5%, or 4.44 billion bushels in 2021. For yields, 21 states saw record highs with the average yield at 51.4 bushels over 2020’s 51. which equates to the second highest on record.

Cotton production increased in 2021 as well as producers enjoyed profitable prices. Cotton producers grew 21% more cotton than in 2020, with yield estimates 2 pounds higher at 849 pounds/acre.

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