Home > News > Ag Economy Barometer Shows Farmers More Optimistic about a 2023 Farm Bill, Not Optimistic about Prop 12 Override

American farmers have watched Congress this year, hoping legislators will pass a new farm bill. The Ag Economy Barometer reported that large-scale farmers and ranchers, whose production is valued at least $500,000 annually, indicated more optimistic attitudes about whether a new farm bill will come to fruition in 2023. Belief in the potential bill grew four percentage points, topping out at 37%. However, respondents didn’t believe the farm bill would include language to overturn California’s Prop 12.

The Supreme Court recently ruled in Califonia’s favor, keeping the proposed requirements in place for the time being. Some legislators at the national level are considering actions that override Prop 12 in an effort to support the pork industry.

In the most recent monthly survey, more than 76 percent of respondents said they either didn’t believe or were uncertain whether Congress would overturn Prop 12 in a farm bill.

Read more on the survey and legislative happenings here.


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