For the fourth week of March 2024, all eight major fertilizer prices are higher compared to last month. Urea was 8% more expensive compared to the previous month and had an average price of $576/ton. UAN28 was 5% higher in price, looking back a month, and had an average price of $360/ton.

The remaining six fertilizers were slightly more expensive compared to last month. DAP had an average price of $779/ton, MAP $827/ton, potash $513/ton, 10-34-0 $632/ton, anhydrous $794/ton and UAN32 $404/ton.

Fertilizer analysts believe there may be UAN supply disruptions this spring with the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore. The Port of Baltimore handles about 10% of the annual UAN imports to the United States, mainly from Russia, according to Chris Lawson, head of fertilizer for consulting firm CRU.

If the port remains closed for a long time, it could lead to UAN shortages and higher prices.

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