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After selfless service to protect our freedom, it’s vital that military veterans are provided proper resources to pursue the post-service career path they well deserve. For veterans interested in agriculture, the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) Armed to Farm training opportunity is one of many programs doing just that. Armed to Farm offers veterans the opportunity to apply for a week-long program that contains a blend of farm tours, hands-on activities, and interactive classroom instruction, free of charge for those selected. Program director Margo Hale notes that since launching in 2013, over 800 veterans across the U.S., from various military branches and a broad range of agriculture experience, have participated in the training.

In partnership with a cooperative agreement with USDA-Rural Development, the Armed to Farm program focuses on three main goals:

≥≥ To train veterans and their partners to operate sustainable crop and livestock enterprises
≥≥ To create a network of veterans and their families who are starting careers in sustainable agriculture
≥≥ To provide technical assistance to participants as they start and improve their farming operations

If you are a veteran interested in the Armed to Farm program and/or would like to apply, visit their website or hear more from the program director here.

ProAg is proud to support veterans and encourage those interested in a career in crop insurance to visit our careers page to view a list of open positions.


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