With the Super Bowl comes increased trends in consumer food spending, particularly when it comes to avocados. Early February marks a hot time in the avocado market, as Size 48-count Mexican avocados coming in through south Texas were $50 to $54 on Feb. 4, up from about $26 to $30/carton at this time last year. USDA reported U.S. retail promotions of avocados in 12,800 stores on Feb. 4 at an average ad price of 83 cents each, compared to 70 cents last year.

Avocado volume is expected to be stable, increasing somewhat after the Super Bowl. For the week ending January 29, shipments were 2.71 million 25-pound cartons, down 25% from last year. During the same time, Mexico accounted for about 94% of total avocado shipments, with remaining volume coming from California, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

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