A new, partner-driven initiative has launched to measure digital carbon footprints to create a more sustainable supply chain. Bayer, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Bushel announced the development of Project Carbonview this week, a pilot program that will enable ethanol producers to track carbon emissions across the entire supply chain. Eligible farmers who enroll in the program will be compensated for their participation. Bayer’s has also noted that their Climate FieldView application will streamline on-farm data for participating farmers and connect it with delivery and transportation data captured from the 54,000 active users of Bushel’s platform. Bayer says farmers will continue to own their data and choose who to share it with.

Project Carbonview marks the latest development by Bayer to strengthen its portfolio of farmer-facing programs to complement the Bayer Carbon Initiative program. The Project Carbonview team will work with corn growers in 2022, with plans to expand to other regions and commodities in the coming years. Read more on the new Project Carbonview partnership.