Beef and pork exports are both on record pace in 2021 according to USDA data compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). September boasted one of the best months on record for beef exports, outpacing last year by nearly 60%. While pork export volume was just off from last September, value still increased by 8%. These accomplishments are especially noteworthy amidst supply chain headwinds, labor shortages and other pandemic-related obstacles.

In total, beef exports from January-September have climbed to 1.08 million metric tons (mt) – a 7% increase in volume and 24% in value ($7.58 billion) over prior year. Despite market challenges, these numbers point to strong consumer and international demand for U.S. beef.

On the pork side, exports have totaled 2.24 million mt from January-September, up 1% in volume and 9% in value ($6.23 billion) over prior year. Mexico was the third-largest buyer at a record of nearly 80,000 mt, with Central America and the Dominican Republic also pacing to set records. Chinese demand remains strong as the country continues to rebuild its swine herd after decimation from African Swine Fever.

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