The USDA issued the first national corn and spring wheat condition ratings this growing season. This Crop Progress report provides a snapshot of the current conditions. Let’s take a look at how the states stack up.

At least 80% of the corn in six states is in good/excellent condition. The states with the best corn conditions include:

1. Pennsylvania with 100% rated good/excellent
2. Ohio with 84% rated good/excellent
3. South Dakota with 82% rated good/excellent
4/5. North Carolina and North Dakota with 81% rated good/excellent
6. Nebraska with 80% rated good/excellent

The top-producing states with the best spring wheat conditions include:

1. South Dakota with 86% rated good/excellent
2. North Dakota with 82% rated good/excellent
3. Minnesota with 80% rated good/excellent
4. Idaho with 72% rated good/excellent

Spring wheat conditions in Montana were rated the worst in the country with only 53% rated good/excellent. The rest of the spring wheat crop in the state rated 43% fair and 4% poor.

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