Black angus cow looking directly at cameraCertified Angus Beef (CAB) announced their second highest sales year on record, totaling 1.215 billion pounds. Up 40 million pounds from 2020, this marks the sixth year in a row CAB sold more than one billion pounds of beef across 54 countries. As beef demand reaches all time highs, CAB brand acceptance rates are also setting records. A record of 36.8%, of all Angus-influenced cattle (5.9 million) met or exceeded CAB’s ten specifications in fiscal 2021. As consumer demand has increased for high-quality beef, U.S. cattle producers have also stepped up their production practices. However, Canada and Japan remain at the top of international sales, playing a large role in the nearly 8% annual increase.

Valued-added-product sales also grew 23.5% in 2021 (totaling 38.3 million pounds) as consumers purchased more smoked brisket, fajita meat and fresh corned beef. Demand for CAB is expected to continue growing, according to CAB president John Stika. Read more on beef demand and sales.