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broiler hens in one of his chicken houses in Luling, TXA Kentucky chicken farm tested positive for the highly lethal form of bird flu Monday, a notable concern that threatens the entire U.S. poultry industry. The Fulton County broilers were infected with the same H5-N1 strain of highly pathogenic avian flu as a turkey farm that also tested positive in Indiana last week. A Virginia backyard flock of chickens also tested positive and were immediately culled. Announcement of the news triggers continued trepidation from U.S. poultry importers as buyers like China and Korea limit purchase due to the outbreak. The cases do not present an immediate concern to public health.

The U.S. is the world’s largest producer and second-largest exporter of poultry while Kentucky is the seventh biggest chicken-meat producing state. The news comes at a time when poultry production is already lower due to strong demand and pandemic-induced labor shortages at meat plants.

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