Apples in binThe future of branded apple promotions is strong according to a special CatStat (category statistics) report looking at data from Nielson Answers that shows demand is growing, specifically for recognizable brands such as Envy and Ambrosia. Nielsen Answers’ results from a 52-week study reported that Envy apples saw an impressive 21% sales growth, with more than a 50% country-wide distribution. Ambrosia apples continue to rank top ten as well, as did Comic Crisp. Only on the market since 2019, Comic Crisps have done remarkably well in the branded apple market.

Honeycrisp continue to lead the entire apple category, holding the number one spot for all apples sales. Other noteable apple brands fueling a strong appletite for the health-concious snack include Kanzi and KIKU, all showing sales jumps between 7% and an astonishing 35.5% for 2021 – how ‘bout them apples?

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