Almond-bearing orchards in California are forecast to cover 1.373 million acres at harvest, a decrease of approximately 600 acres. While the drop is less than 1%, it is the first time land-bearing acreage has not increased since 1995, according to the USDA.

Land IQ estimates that approximately 71,000 acres of orchards will be removed by the end of the crop year, adding to the 83,000 acres removed in the 2023 to 2024 crop year.

The decrease in bearing acreage and continued orchard removals coupled with drops in overall acreage and ana-bearing acreage the last two years signal a probable trend toward lower overall California almond acreage, according to Almond Board of California President Clarice Turner.

Despite the decreased acreage, shipments remain strong and the demand for California almonds continues to grow.

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