California table grapes, strawberries and cherries seem to be doing well despite extraordinary weather challenges so far in 2023. Table grape season is estimated to start mid-to-late May, with early expectations of a comparable or slightly larger harvest than last year’s 95.1 million 19-pound boxes.

While strawberries were a poignant victim of the historic flooding, recovery is in motion despite much lower shipments than last year. As of April 1, 8.5 million trays were shipped, compared to 20 million in 2022. However, storms left many fields undamaged and should result in an outstanding season for retailers and consumers. The Golden State’s cherry crop will come about a week later than usual. Crop estimates are expected to be slightly larger than last year’s 5.2 million 18-pound boxes, down about 10 million boxes from 2021 due to an unusually warm winter.

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