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The following changes are applicable to Camelina crop insurance provisions for the 2022 and succeeding crop years per Product Management Bulletin PM-21-065:

  • Modifications were made to the weighted average contract price calculations to ensure the producer’s choice of coverage level does not impact their contract price;
  • The indemnity calculation and example to account for cases where a minimum stand payment is included in the contract have been updated; and
  • Other small clarifications and corrections to references to other sections throughout the policy.

Camelina Pilot Crop Provisions: https://rma.usda.gov/-/media/RMA/Policies/Camelina/2022/Camelina-Pilot-Crop-Provisions-22-0333.ashx

Camelina Pilot Insurance Standard Handbook: https://rma.usda.gov/-/media/RMA/Handbooks/Underwriting—24000/Camelina/2022-24410-Camelina-Pilot-Insurance-Standards.ashx

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