Grain farmers aren’t the ones who are getting bullish market news this week. Cattle and hog finishing margins continue to move higher. Average cattle feeding margins were $47/head last week, almost double the previous week’s margin. That translated to an increase of $2/CWT in cash fed cattle prices. At the same time, lean hog carcass price profits rose $12/head last week, a $5 increase over the previous week. That puts prices around $16/CWT higher than the same time a year ago. Packer margins continued to move higher for beef ($32/head growth in the last week, now at $306/head), while pork packers saw profits decline slightly last week, now sitting at an average of $37/head. That’s likely to contribute to $18/head losses for hog producers and packer profits of $59/head by year’s end, analysts say. Cattle feeding margins are expected to average about $10/head, while cow/calf net $57/calf and packers make $314/head. See more of the latest bullish cattle and hog data.