The USDA’s National Ag Statistics Service is canceling the July Cattle report and all county estimates for crops and livestock beginning with the 2024 production year, as well as the cotton objective yield survey. The decision was based on a budget appropriation shortfall.

Oklahoma State University’s Derrell Peel says this is a problematic time to lose access to cattle data. Herds are at a cyclical low, and there is concern about stopping liquidation, stabilizing the beef cow herd and beginning the process of rebuilding.

Losing the July report means producers will not see estimated heifer retention. There will be no estimate of the feeder supply in the middle of the year. There will be no visibility to the current calf crop.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is urging the USDA to reverse its decision to end the report immediately.

Learn more about the cancellation of the July Inventory Report here.