Tuesday’s USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report is the first of a trio of reports scheduled for release this month with market-moving potential. Leading up to the numbers, traders and market-watchers expect little news or adjustments in world demand and continued, relatively static and tight supplies in places like China, which has gradually ramped up soybean purchases in recent months. But that pace may be starting to slow, and there’s potential for a bearish jolt in soybean prices if Tuesday’s report — as well as the USDA Grain Stocks report later this month — prove that’s happening. A wildcard on the corn side will be ethanol production; it started the year on the slow side, but is expected to bounce back after getting knocked down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, adverse crop conditions in South America could contribute to increased global soybean demand from the U.S. In the wheat sector, Tuesday’s report could be bearish for wheat given slowing demand from China and a gradually strengthening U.S. Dollar index. See more of what to expect from Tuesday’s WASDE report.