Following months of controversy, the largest agrivoltaic solar farm in the United States has won approval from the Ohio Power Siting Board to begin construction next year. The 6,500-acre Oak Run solar farm and battery storage project, which will use mostly prime farmland for both farm production and solar energy generation, is opposed by three townships in Madison County. The $1 billion project will produce an estimated 800 megawatts of power.

Construction of the Oak Run solar farm is expected to begin in 2025. Once the project is complete, the permit requires Oak Run to have at least 1,000 sheep and produce crops on 2,000 acres in the first year of operation. Within eight years, at least 70% of the farmable project area, or about 4,000 acres, will need to include agrivoltaics.

Commissioner Chris Wallace said the county commissioners have received large numbers of phone calls, text messages, emails, and letters opposing the project.

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