Closeup of young corn plantA large low-pressure system has settled in about the eastern third of the contiguous U.S. to start the week, and that’s got temperatures cooler than normal for much of the Midwest, Northeast and mid-South. That could mean frost risks in the northern Plains and upper Midwest, dipping south into places like southern Michigan where corn and soybean planting is well underway. Frost is likely up through this coming Saturday in the northeastern half of North Dakota and points east, and frost damage to the young crops in the ground will depend on how far south those low temperatures reach. Meanwhile, badly needed scattered rain will fall in parts of the central Plains, Corn Belt and Ohio River Valley Monday and into Tuesday, ultimately spawning some potentially strong storms in the Southeast late Tuesday and into Wednesday. Wednesday also features improved chances for rainfall in parched North Dakota and eastward through the upper Midwest. See more from the latest outlook to start the week.