View of field of cord seedlings in springAn overall pleasant and well-paced start to the growing season is sputtering to an end as emergence has officially fallen behind the five-year average pace in three states. Colorado, Kansas and Pennsylvania are struggling to keep pace as drought takes grip on the soon-to-be corn sprouts. Colorado is dragging 9% behind average, according to USDA. However, Colorado is in better shape than others when it comes to soil moisture. Rainstorms in the eastern portion have alleviated some dryness in the state.

Kansas corn emergence is making progress but is still 2% behind average. USDA pegs the state’s corn crop at 57% good to excellent, up 1% from last week. Pennsylvania is just 1% behind average at 69% emerged. The state received some recent rains, leading corn conditions to improve dramatically. USDA pegged 38% of the state’s young corn crop in good-to-excellent condition, a whopping 22% jump from the previous week.

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