While global supply bottlenecks start to clear up and the domestic market catches up with shortfalls from last fall’s fertilizer rush, some crop fertilizer market segments should start seeing more stable prices, easing off the recent general surge in the entire marketplace. But at the same time, U.S. crop fertilizer demand will begin increasing as sidedress season gets underway after spring planting and farmers catch up in areas like the Southeast where weather interrupted normal application timeframes earlier this spring. Ammonia prices will likely continue to remain strong on demand and pressure on transportation logistics, with products like UAN and DAP following suit, ultimately easing as last fall’s supply tightness works its way through the U.S. marketplace. Potash prices should stabilize until demand picks up later in the crop year. So, while the upswing in fertilizer prices isn’t exactly over, there are signs of more price stability coming soon. See more on the market and the latest outlook.