Softening hiked grocery store prices isn’t as simple as mitigating inflation. According to Representatives Frank Lucas (R-OK) and Jimmy Panetta (D-CA), supporting and protecting U.S. farmers and ranchers from forces of unpredictability well beyond their control. Programs like crop insurance that protect farmers and help ensure a safe food supply are a critical measure in keeping consumer costs managed. “One of the ways we can bolster that agriculture productivity and buttress our food security is by better supporting our commitment to the Federal Crop Insurance Program,” the representatives said.

Despite widely varying climates and terrain across the U.S., many issues facing agricultural producers are the same. Be it weather changes, an increase in demand, supply chain challenges, inflation, shrinking international markets due to port backlog or ongoing labor challenges, Federal Crop Insurance can help protect producers from effects of these ailments. “The Federal Crop Insurance Program is the cornerstone of risk management for agriculture production, protecting farmers and ranchers against loss due to natural disasters or the loss of revenue due to price declines,” say the representatives. “We’ve seen in our districts how imperative and valuable crop insurance is to agricultural communities.”

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