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RMA recently revised the Rainfall Index (RI) Common Policy and the Pasture, Rangeland Forage (PRF) Crop Provisions. The following changes are effective for the 2023 and succeeding crop years:

  • Certified organic and transitional organic irrigated hay practices were added to PRF
  • Several definitions were revised and/or added to match the definitions in the Common Crop Insurance Policy (CCIP) Basic Provisions
  • The definitions for “expected grid index,” “final grid index,” and “index interval” were clarified to state the index intervals are based on a 24-hour period determined by the date
  • Language was added to allow corrections to an insurance application with missing social security numbers or employer identification numbers of a person with a substantial beneficial interest to match CCIP Basic Provisions
  • The 30-day appeal deadline for good farming practice determinations has been included
  • Consequences for not providing acceptable records for policies with the intended use of haying or grazing have been clarified
  • How livestock records must be maintained has been clarified

To access the full bulletin that outlines all of the above changes, please click on the following hyperlink: https://www.rma.usda.gov/en/Policy-and-Procedure/Bulletins-and-Memos/2022/PM-22-050

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