USDA says it will allow emergency grazing on CRP acres for all Nebraska counties because of impacts of recent adverse weather.

USDA undersecretary Greg Ibach made the announcement Monday during a stop in Lincoln.

“Those acres are going to be available for producers that may not have grazed them or hayed them last year, if they want to be able to access those to get their cattle up and out of the mud or away from the flooded areas,” says Ibach.

There will not be a reduction in the CRP payment for those acres, he says. CRP contract holders must contact their FSA county office to complete required paperwork before allowing grazing to begin.

Ibach says the Emergency Conservation Program can also help, although it may need some additional funding from Congress.

“We’ll need some funding to come through the next disaster package to help make sure there’s enough money available in that program,” Ibach says. “That can do a number of things, including paying for hay that needs to made available that maybe washed away and the producer will need to buy back.”

ECP can also assist producers with the cost of restoring ag land damaged by flooding. Contact your local FSA office for details.

Ibach was part of a flood relief roundtable in Lincoln Monday with other federal and state officials.

Source: AgriMarketing