Stepping in to fill a void for children in desperate need of entertainment and educational activities, dairy farmers are emerging as ideal substitute teachers. American Dairy Association North East’s (ADANE) virtual farm tours have been viewed by more than a quarter million people in the past week.

Last week’s Facebook series featured a daily visit to the Cow Comfort Inn Dairy in Union Bridge, Md., hosted by owner Katie Dotterer-Pyle. During her Facebook series, viewers learned how dairy farmers care and provide comfort for their cows. The series was so successful that ADANE will launch a follow up series next week featuring dairy farmer Jessica Peters of Spruce Row Farm in Meadville, Pa. Each day, Peters will read a farm related story and provide instruction on how children can write their own stories.

The series can be viewed everyday next week, Monday, March 30 through Friday, April 3, at 10 am on the American Dairy Association North East Facebook page.

Source: AgriMarketing