According to a recent poll conducted by the University of Purdue, about 30% of farmers who have grown wheat and soybeans together say the Biden administration’s announcement to incentivize double-cropping will encourage them to sow more winter wheat this fall. Double-cropping would provide more significant wheat production in the U.S. to soften the food supply chain disruptions in Ukraine.

USDA also reminds producers that options are available for producers to insure double-crop soybeans, grain sorghum and other crops in counties where the Following Another Crop (FAC) practice is not available today. If you are currently in one of these counties, you may be able to request coverage through a written agreement. If you plant soybeans and other crops after wheat or other small grains, or in some areas, soybeans into wheat using a relay cropping practice, you have until July 15th to submit a written agreement request through your crop insurance agent. USDA’s Risk Management Agency is actively working with stakeholders to identify areas and how to expand double-cropping coverage for the 2023 crop year.

Read more information about the University of Purdue poll on double-cropping here, and read more on USDA’s crop insurance reminders for double-cropping here.