DTN has continued its 2022 Digital Yield tour this week, marking five years of taking an in-depth look at how the current year’s corn and soybean crops are growing. This week, the tour found crops in Nebraska and Iowa are hamstrung by drought and heat, and damaged by hail. Wisconsin crops have generally seen less-volatile weather and could have an average year.

DTN models put Iowa and Nebraska corn yields significantly below USDA’s five-year average of 180.4 bushels per acre, at 158 average. Wisconsin’s yield average is projected at 169.7, just 3 bushels lower than the five-year average. Soybeans saw a significant deviation in Nebraska and Iowa, ranging from 51 to 56 bushels per acre. DTN’s yield models measure the color of a crop from satellites and compare it to more than 20 years of historical data.

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