With the Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) available to add-on to crop insurance protection this year, farmers had the option to increase their revenue protection by adding the endorsement. This study focused on Revenue Protection policies for corn. Higher Revenue Protection (RP) levels are most common in the Corn Belt, namely the I-states, southern Minnesota and Ohio, while farmers in much of the Plains, Midwest, mid-South and Northeast employ RP coverage between 70% and 80%. For the 2021 crop year, more than 482,000 RP policies were sold, with just over 12,000 of those including ECO, meaning 2.5% of farmers have taken advantage of the new endorsement. Of those ECO policies, the vast majority — 86% — were at the 95% coverage level, with the remainder at 90%. See more on the ECO option as an endorsement to RP protection on corn policies.