As wildfires continue to burn in the Texas Panhandle, ranchers are working hard to protect their surviving cattle. Three experts from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension offered advice to help.

  • After evacuating animals from the path of the fire and preventing them from entering any recently burned areas, cattle owners must begin medical care. This can be a lasting process, as some effects from the fires may not be present immediately. Those from Texas A&M recommended regularly evaluating the herd over several weeks after the event.
  • A veterinarian can help diagnose and manage issues like burns, injuries or pain. They may also be able to help recognize cattle with low chances of survival, which could impact your plans for transporting the animals.
  • For those cattle expected to survive, increased water intake will likely be necessary. However, cattle who have lost access to water may drink too much too quickly. Producers should consider slowly reintroducing water to avoid issues.

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