Sunset behind the United States Capital in Washington D.C.Chairman Glenn Thompson announced a week ago the House Agriculture Committee would vote on his version of the new farm bill before Memorial Day. Prospects for the bill remain grim as there are several disagreements, including SNAP benefits, crop subsidies and climate funding.

Thompson’s version of the bill would require future recalculations of the cost of a healthy diet to be budget neutral, estimated to reduce future outlays by $30 billion. House and Senate Republicans say the Biden administration unfairly boosted SNAP benefits by an average of 25% during a review of the Thrifty Food Plan in 2021.

“For this farm bill, House Republicans are abandoning bipartisanship to follow the same partisan ideological strategy that led to the failures of farm bills on the House Floor in 2014 and 2018,” wrote Representative David Scott, the senior Democrat on the Agriculture Committee. “A bipartisan farm bill could succeed in a way that helps our farmers and the families they feed, but Republicans have refused that approach and continue to insist on their SNAP benefit cuts.”

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