Calculator on top of money and grainNext Monday, March 15, is the deadline for farmers to make their selections for federal farm program participation in the 2021 crop year. If you’re still working to make those decisions, it’s past time to contact your local FSA office to get the process underway. The selection between Price Loss Coverage (PLC) and either Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) or ARC at the individual level is a much different process this year compared to 2020, specialists say; last year’s decisions affected the 2019 and 2020 crop years and the 2019 crop was in the bin, providing some pricing information on which to base selections. This year, selections are only for the 2021 crop year, and the marketing year has yet to begin for corn, soybeans and wheat. Without that marketing information available, this year’s decision is likely more a reflection of personal preferences and expectations for future market price direction. Failing to make program elections prior to next Monday’s deadline will re-enrollment of 2019-2020. See more factors to consider.