Economists at Purdue University collaborate with the CME Group to take a look at farmer marketplace sentiment every month in their Ag Economy Barometer. This month’s report shows that sentiment is as high as it’s been since October. The rise in overall feelings on the ag economy are driven by improved outlooks for the future of farm financial conditions based on strong commodity prices. It’s a stark contrast from a year ago at this time, when the Barometer’s Farm Capital Investment Index hit a low of 54 versus a score of 88 (just five points below its all-time high) in this week’s report. The outlooks for farmland values also continue their climb higher, with the short-term outlook improved by twice its score in the April 2020 Ag Economy Barometer report. Among the bearish points reported by the 400 respondents to the survey are the ongoing trade dispute with China and just modest improvements in capital purchase decisions at the farm level. Also new in this month’s report: Carbon. Around 40% of those responding said they are aware of ways to make money from carbon, but among the small number who reported already getting payments, most say it was $20 or less per acre. See more from the report.