New regulations for plastics in the European Union and Canada could impact fresh produce growers and exporters. Canada has implemented a Federal Plastic Registry that mandates reporting on plastic quantity, types, and disposal methods. This data will form the basis of future regulations. Agricultural containers, totes, drums and film and sheeting are included.

The European Union’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation sets waste reduction targets and requires all packaging in the EU market to be recyclable. The targets include a 5% reduction by 2030, a 10% reduction by 2035 and a 15% reduction by 2024 compared to 2018 waste levels. All packaging will need to be recyclable by 20230.

According to the U.S. produce industry, these restrictions could make it difficult to transport some foods, such as raspberries and bagged salad. Alternatives such as fiber could pose food safety and quality concerns.

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