Support U.S. cattle producers this holiday season with crowd-pleasing, delicious and nutritious beef on the dinner plate. With rising beef costs, BEEF Daily’s Amanda Radke outlines four easy, affordable ways to make beef a part of your holiday meal. First, look for affordable cuts. While prime rib might be tradition, looking for more affordable cuts this year such as chuck roast, beef brisket or sirloin steak tips can save some dollars without sacrificing flavor. Second, look for sales. Local grocery shops and meat lockers may roll out discounts closer to Christmas. Third, buy in bulk. Filling a deep freezer with meat purchased at discount is a great way to keep beef a staple at your dinner table. And lastly, cook enough for leftovers. Cooking more than what is needed can save you time and money when you can heat up the same, delicious beef in a different preparation the next night. Read more on easy, affordable ways to incorporate beef this holiday season.