While few topics are as polarizing in and outside of agriculture as the use of glyphosate, a new study from Aimpoint Research reveals the unexpected consequences of eliminating access to the technology. Contrary to many nay-sayer’s predispositions, the alternatives to glyphosate would lead to adverse environmental effects. Many farmers say they would turn to increased tillage for weed control if glyphosate weren’t available.

Aimpoint Research CEO Mark Purdy says glyphosate has been a critical component to many conservation-minded farmers’ ability to implement cover crops and reduced tillage on their land. Additionally, the study found that increased tillage would have devastating economic impacts, as well. The cost to compensate for weed management through tillage would amount to more than $1.9 billion across the country. Increased production costs would add to inflationary pressures and increase food costs for consumers, as well.

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