Closeup of United States Capital buildingA new bill has been drafted that aims to counter the impacts of the Supreme Court’s Proposition 12 ruling. The Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act, introduced by Republican Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas, aims to preserve the right of states and local government units to regulate agriculture “within their jurisdiction.” The bill blocks states from dictating production practices in other states and already has a companion measure in the House led by Republican Representative Ashley Hinson of Iowa.

However, not all in agriculture hold a united front on the EATS Act. Many in the pork industry have already complied with California standards. Kansas Cattlemen’s Association Founder Mike Schultz says the bill is “nothing but a Trojan horse” that will ultimately give multinationals and conglomerates an “even greater advantage than they already have.”

Even so, the GOP is largely in support of the bill, with 11 Republican governors sending a letter to Congress to advocate for the bill’s passage.

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